Retrofit KS7T ACM in 2015 Explorer base

I know this was briefly discussed in one or two topic here in the past I’ve participated in but figured I’d ask directly:

I have this ACM I bought a while back to try retrofitting in my C-Max. KS7T-19C107-CB. It is one that has the A2B connector.

I’m curious if it is possible to make it work in a base model (no Sync at all currently. That’s in the works.) 2015 Explorer. I tried it recently and could never get any audio out of it. Though I may have certainly misconfigured something in the AsBuilt. Original assumption at least concerning the A2B stuff is with the AB config having the option to disable A2B that it could fall back to the internal amplifier.

I don’t have my AB stuff documented on that attempt, but I do have the factory AB from the stock ACM:

2015_Explorer_ACM.abt (497 Bytes)

This is my mother’s vehicle and apparently the ACM has been acting a bit weird recently. One occasion she lost all presets but everything else was intact including sound settings and the CD left in it resumed from the same spot. So I have considered giving this a go again especially given I’ve had no takers for it on eBay and is just collecting dust currently.

I tried to get an A2B to work in my 15 PIU and I could not even with turning A2B off. I have been getting parts to just upgrade it to A2B but I am thinking as I get further into it that the newer parts may require a GWM. Of course it’s a CGEA 1.2 network and a GWM is not an option for this network. So I may have an answer for you this year. :slight_smile: