Retrofitting front parking sensors


started what i thought would be reasonable easy but turns out no.

my fiesta has 4xPDC in the rear and i purchased a loom and sensors for the front. the cabling exists in the car for the front and plugs in no problem. confirmed the PAM is connected to the cable in the front bumper. all good.

the car has a reversing camera.

using forscan:-

  • in PAM, changed the front pdc to enable (no effect)

  • in PAM, changed sensors from 4 to 8 (this turns off the car picture on sync 3.4)

  • in IPC changed front parking to enable (doesn’t add any option in the IPC for front PDC’s only back as standard)

  • in APIM enabled front parking. (doesn’t display the front sensors on the car pic)

don’t think the forscan easy options works correctly for my modules, as nothing adds the front anything and only disables the rear. the PAM database for 2018 has more config lines than my PAM.

my asbuilt
736-01-01 9803 3000 000A
736-02-01 8000 500F 4867
736-03-01 801E 1E00 00FD
736-04-01 0000 0000 0042

i cant find a similar car to copy as all others have full park assist and 10 sensors.

my focus with 4pdc’s front and rear but no camera is

736-01-01 5803 3000 804A
736-02-01 A000 604F 109F
736-03-01 881E 1E00 0005
736-04-01 0000 0000 0042

any help would be appreciated.