Retrun to stock uk sync system

Gonna trade my car in but ford dealer has asked if its possible to return the sync version to what it should be in the uk
Looked the other day on ford sync update site and its telling me theres an update is it possible to return the head unit to STOCK as it should be rather than modified

thanx in advance

Depends on what you had originally if it’s 3.0 or below then NO as clearly mentioned in the documentation.

I would downgrade it to 3.3 as this looks like 3.0 or below and therefore they likely won’t care.

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So just choose current version then any 3.3 and let the program decide how to do it correct ?

Thank u for your help


Not sure what the stock should be, but you can only choose what’s within Syn3Updater as target version…

If the ford site is telling you there’s an update available then why is the dealer asking you to downgrade your sync??