RSO warning calibration level

My wife wants me to turn on the RSO warning on her 2020 Escape Ti.
The top pic is hers and RSO doesn’t show even though its enabled in the factory AB, the only difference between the two is the HUD which hers has and that should be just a change in the AB. The lower pic is from an almost identical 2020 Escape Ti (no HUD) that was built a few days later and the RSO on it DOES work. The main difference is the calibration level, etc and for the most part hers is at the same level.
Does anyone have access to the change log with regard to when/where the RSO was actually enabled? The working one’s calibration level is lower, but the F168/F188 levels are higher.

RSO is annoying, Talk her out of it.

Maybe so, but she’s worried about leaving a grand kid in the car since she’s not used to having a car seat in back.
Worst case, once I get it in for her, I can flip it off with ForScan.
I just don’t want to have to pull the whole console out to swap out the APIM if I can just change the calibration.

You need to be at -EL or above…

Make sure you turn it off in the vehicle menu first.

It looks like -EK is the first rev that turns has RSO working.
Anyone know of a posted change log for the calibration revs?

I have never seen any change logs for these. Usually just need to go thru the JSON file and parse the difference from the old version to the new.

I never went to -EK so I guess I missed that one.