ScanTool OBDLink EX Firmware Notice - Ver. 5.7.0 Available

Latest Version: 5.7.0
Release Date: September 15, 2022
Level of Importance: Recommended


This release fixed a bug:
Fixed CAN baud rate divisors for PP 2D and 2F

This release also added a few new features and a few changes:
Added support for PP 1D (ELM327 v2.0)
Added support for PP 1C (ELM327 v2.0)
Added support for PP 14 (ELM327 v2.0)
PP 0C accepts 00 (ELM327 v2.0)
ATCRA accepts don’t cares (ELM327 v2.0)
STIP4 has lower maximum values

See obdlink_ex-changelog.txt inside the archive for detailed descriptions of the changes.

If you have issues with the EX model, see their forum here:
OBDLink EX (

This update uses the new STN Firmware Updater. There is a link in the update package.