ScanTool OBDLink MX Bluetooth Discontinued/Firmware Notice - Ver. 5.6.19 Available

OBDLink MX Bluetooth Discontinued
The OBDLink MX Bluetooth has been discontinued and is no longer for sale. It has been superseded by the OBDLink MX+. The MX Bluetooth will continue to be supported and receive bug fixes, however, due to its limited space many new features included in the MX+ may not fit in the MX.

Latest Version: 5.6.19
Release Date: June 30, 2021
Level of Importance: Recommended, LLC - Firmware Updates for OBDLink MX

This major release fixed a few bugs:

Fixed FATAL ERROR caused by reception of multi-frame message in monitor mode
Fixed response pending messages (7F xx 78) being counted when using STPTO 0
Fixed STSLU, STSLVL, and STSLX not working
This release also added a few new features and changes:

Added support for assembly revision format
Added ATIB baud rate presets
Enabled Bluetooth pairing upon power up
Added command to change CAN consecutive and flow control frame reception timeouts
Added command to specify additional STmin delay
Added support for 4 byte header to ATSH
Added periodic messaging commands
Improved Bluetooth driver
Changed manufacturer string
Made a small optimization to STPX
Removed CAN deaf time after sending a CAN message

See obdlink_mx-changelog.txt inside the archive for detailed descriptions of the changes.

If you have issues with the MX Bluetooth model, see their forum here:

OBDLink MX Bluetooth (

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