Side obstacle detection

After installing Sync 3.0 to Sync 3.4, the side obstacle detection has been lost. Can this be activated again at forscan with AsBuilt

If you have not done so, perform a Master Reset of the Sync APIM. The update would not have disabled this feature, just the APIM is not picking it up.

I did the update again and it now installed the page hindsight detection module, but what was different is that the version now jumped back from 3.4 to 3.3.
The module is probably missing in version 3.4, which is a pity because I like version 3.4 better.

Can you please post the log file from the installation.

log.txt (13,2 KB)

From the log file, all should have updated properly to the latest 3.4.21194. You only did the downgrade, not reformat to 3.4? Did you pull the usb before the unit rebooted into reformat? You should be missing Gracenotes if it did what you say…and be on 3.3.19052.

If you are on 3.3, then just continue the install.

Run the installation again, but this time replace the autoinstall.lst file on the usb with this one.
autoinstall.lst (245 Bytes)

Thanks for the quick reply.

I will do that.
With best regards Axel

Have you tried driving the vehicle since the upgrade? On 3.4 the side obstacles do not appear until you move the vehicle. I’m not sure this was the case for 3.0.

I installed it again like this.

Yes, I did, and I found that it is.

With 3.0 it displayed immediately when reverse gear was engaged.
Now under 3.4 it only comes when you approach an obstacle. It reacts very sluggishly at 3.4.

At the first attempt of the upgrate, a module error occurred in forscan, even after a reset.
I have installed the udate according to the instructions of
F150chief and now it works.

Is it possible to set something in the APIM module so that the side obstacle detection reacts faster?

And thanks guys for the help

Not normally. Run the APIM Interrogator Tool and post the results. It’s in the troubleshooting section of the Syn3 Updater app.

This is normal behavior for these systems.

Is this actually Rear Park Aid you are referring to? You mention it works in reverse.

I will do that.

Under 3.0, when reverse gear is engaged, the car diagram appears with the zones all around.
under 3.4 only the front and rear zones appear, and only when the object is approached do the side zones appear.

This is the way it works with Sync 3.4, no issue. I’ll review the APIM asbuilt when you post the Interrogator file

Version 5U5T-14G381-ET
APIM-Modell: JR3T-14G371-FED
APIM-Typ: Navigation
APIM Größe: 64GB
APIM Freier Speicherplatz: 11G
08.08.2021 11:01:53 +00:00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 892K / 1.1G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 14M / 2.8G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 14M / 2.3G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 7.9M / 1.5G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 17M / 2.2G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 21M / 3.7G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 396K / 38M
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 5.7M / 3.2G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 24M / 3.1G
/fs/Nuance/ = 27M / 4.7G
/fs/Nuance/ = 29M / 4.9G
/fs/Nuance/ = 25M / 4.3G
/fs/Nuance/ = 35M / 3.6G
/fs/Nuance/ = 8.4M / 1.9G
/fs/Nuance/grace = 21M / 1003M
/fs/rwdata/ = 981M / 1.2G
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 35M / 35M
/fs/rwdata/quip/ = 90M / 90M
/fs/mp/ = 132M / 1.4G
/fs/mp/resources = 476K / 71M
/fs/images/ = 11G / 54G

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: 0B68459A90023E170002
DE01: 474D0A044003480000041205
DE02: 0400010000
DE03: 01001C81250007
DE04: 18061810295F
DE05: 90
DE06: 1704330000000000FA00000430760057

The reason it is different is that 3.0 gave the false impression that it could observe side obstruction live but it cant. The side sensors have to pass the obstruction before detection hence it slowly appears in 3.4, which is correct operation

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Your APIM is set correctly for the system you have on the vehicle.

DE03: 01001C81250007
07=Rear/Front PDC with APA (12 Sensors) (Active Park + Parallel + Perpendicular + Park Out)

As @Louage states above, the system is operating correctly.

Thanks for the help, everything is now working as it should.

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