Simplest Android Auto on Sync 2

Hi. Newbie alert!

I have just bought a 2016 UK Focus 1.5 Tdci with what seems to be the latest version of Sync 2 (no updates available, anyway). I have done lots of research online, but much of it seems contradictory.

Most of what I have read indicates that to get Android Auto on the car I need to buy a kit and replace a hardware unit. I am sure that I read somewhere that the final version of Sync 2 introduced wired Android Auto. Which is correct please? If wired is available, is there a trick to get it working?!

If I need to replace hardware, while I save up, is there anything I can do with Forscan and the right cable?

Finally, is it worth buying F10 maps on an SD card? I currently have F5 in place.

Thank you very much for any help and advice.

Think you’ll find the 2.0 version of sync 3 has android auto, sync 2 (not sync 3) does not

Pointless buying a new map card if you plan to replace with sync 3 as that doesn’t had SD cards.

You need to replace the usb hub, screen and APIM to retrofit sync 3

Just go Sync 3. You will be much happier in the end.


Thanks. Looking around this site I see a lot of people reporting problems. Is there a safe way to buy and install the right kit please?

You will always see people with problems on the internet. The bulk of the people do not have problems and will not post on the internet. I have done tons of these and never had 1 problem. Well atleast that I did not cause myself messing around. But it was correctable.

Only way to avoid problems is to pay someone else to do it. Than it’s their problem.

There are a few reputable vendors that offer complete kits for your vehicle. These can range widely in price, and are usually more expensive than performing the upgrade yourself. A 2016 Focus is rather straight forward, no special parts or harnesses required from Sync 2 to Sync 3. As CyanLabs mentioned above, the required parts would be the usb hub, touch screen, and APIM to retrofit Sync 3. This is really a simple replacement as far as hardware is concerned.

Additionally, you will need FORScan and a quality OBD adapter to program the replacement APIM for your vehicle. There are a few folks here who can help with the proper programming.

As far as Android Auto, it is not supported by Sync 2, but is supported by Sync 3, version 2.0 and up. Also, Sync 3 does not use SD cards for navigation, the files are loaded into the APIM.

Thanks. Any recommendations for sellers who can sell me the correct uk kit please?

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Also a USB cable adapter as the pin out on the new hub is different, or the ability to cut wires and bodge it together

I am in the UK but don’t sell kit, i dunno if Terry Evans still does them but you can reach him on the various facebook groups

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Thanks. Does anyone know where I can find Terry, and or these UK kits? Thanks again

join the official facebook group for focus or fiesta st and you’ll find him :slight_smile:


Haven’t found Terry yet. Is anyone able to pm a link or email please? Thanks

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