SiriusXM station logo on programmed buttons

After I upgraded to 3.4 build 22200, the SirusXM station logos app reared on the “buttons”. But they disappeared after about 15 minutes and went back to just the words for that saved station. No logo

Is there a way to get them back? I did a master reset and that didn’t help. I also resent the SiriusXM signal.

Or would upgrading to the more recent build make them appear?

Upgrade to 22251 and retest if that option is available to you

Unless you upgraded your ACM and added the additional wiring you would NEVER see the Station logo’s in the Presets. You have a 2016 so the original ACM would NOT have that ability. This was not added till about 2020 on ACM’s.

Well that sucks. I was excited that they showed up for a bit before disappearing.

Funny that my wife’s Murano (2016) has them but by 2016 F150 doesn’t.

Oh well. But I will still probably do the latest 3.4;update

I think the station logos in presets has been around for a bit with other manufacturers, or at least since the SiriusXM x40 stuff but Ford did not implement it till later. You can upgrade the ACM and add the 2 or 4 extra wires to make it work. I have done it in my 18 Expedition and you gain the more colorful screen, expanded travel link and more stations. @F150Chief has also done it in his F150.