Songs from usb jump

Good afternoon, if someone can answer my question, if in any of the latest versions of sync 3 they have solved the problem that when playing music from a flash drive they jumped like a needle jumps on a vinyl record, someone could help me and tell me If any of the latest versions has solved this problem? Thank you.

I’ve not had that problem with my unit, latest version installed.

I have seen this happen with odd or old types of file formats. The old Microsoft Zune files used to do this. I have had some copyrighted stuff do this after 10 seconds also.

what version do you have installed?

the files are new mp3 320kbps ripped by me from original cd


I was referring to what verison you have installed that does not give you problems

I have just installed the very latest version from Cyanlabs 3.4.23188 and retained maps 2.22 with no issues so far. I have music on a USB stick but have never had issues with it jumping.
The only minor glitch I have is that sometimes when I first restart the car sync reverts to FM radio from the USB music where it was left.
If I wait 5 seconds or so when I enter the car before I start it things work fine and it connects to USB.

ok, thanks