Sound Deadening

Hey guys. i’m new here… ( :wink: )

Any one know of good resources for how to effectively and affordably (but still good) sound deaden cars? I can’t seem to find any useful resources, if they are for the MK8 Fiesta even better but just a highly rated guide would be fine :slight_smile:

Looking at upgrading the sound system in my Fiesta ST MK8 along with sound deaden etc.


There’s a ton of blogs, articles, etc. out there. Even some specific to Fiestas. Best one I read was this one:

How to Quiet Road Noise in a Car - Soundproof Expert

I’m no expert on the subject but I do have an extensive background in construction, specifically insulations used in wall, ceiling and floor cavities. And sound follows basic physic principles so it isn’t rocket science. That article made some sense to me so I’d try it.

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Here’s one example

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Thanks guys, will take a look at that link @chrisjohnston i know of products like the one you linked @Rollback_Jockey but i’m not sure on if there are preferred options etc.

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You’re welcome! Now, if you were building a recording studio…that’s a subject I could lend much better advice to concerning acoustics. But automotive, nope.

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