Start stop

I would like to reverse the function of the Start-Stop button.
That it is always Off unless I activate it manually.

Do you have the solution with Forscan?

From my understanding you can only turn it fully off.

The setting is in the Body Control Module Main Config. It’s a dropdown.

I modified a parameter not long ago which partially worked. but the start-stop operation is reactive and I don’t know why

I probably forgot a parameter. so I wanted to redo the entire procedure if anyone was successful.

What worked for me for a while was that it was stopped continuously and if I pressed the button it went off and I pressed it again and it reactivated the Stop-start.

Depending on the vehicle (eg Gen4 Escape\Kuga) there have been reports that turning off auto start/stop with ForScan also disables the cross traffic alert system.

I heard that also but as far as I have seen that is not verified, the doubt being what other parameters were changed on the vehicle. There is a module you could purchase that will effectively do the same thing. On startup it acts as a button push to toggle start stop off. It wires directly to the switch with OEM connections. This is the only proper way to deactivate this function, as all others are as built adjustments which turn on or off certain functions that BMS monitors which can cause DYC’s, mostly harmless, but some have other affects on other systems. Not to mention messing with BMS may have negative affects on your nice expensive deep cycle battery.

Thank you for your reply. Do you have a link to this box which acts like the button or the name?

There are many different versions. Some plug straight into the diagnostic port and some connect to the wiring behind the glove box.
This is one example.

THere are some cheaper generic ones on Ebay and Amazon etc. but they may not suit all vehicles.

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thank you very much, I didn’t know.

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