Syn3 crash when I upload interrogator .xml

Good morning.
When I upload my xml file to check if it is a My20 drive or not, the program crashes

Crash log
XML file (JustPaste)

WHat year is the car, are you the first owner, do you know if its ever had any replacement modules?

Yes, he is the first owner, in principle the unit has not been changed, it was purchased in 2018/19

Maybe you could expand on what you mean here?

that has not changed ownership and as far as I know the apim has not been changed

Provide the xml file, unedited, dm me if needed. do not edit the file or it means nothing to me.

I’m sending it here, so if anyone needs help, they can read this.
Sync_NY1R00J8_WF03XXTTG3KK58643.xml (10.4 KB)

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