Sync 2.5 ACM microphone wiring

Hello, does anyone happen to have a pinout diagram for a Sync2.5 ACM?

I retrofitted an 8" Sync 2.5 ACM (changed from a 4" Sync 2 ACM - I have no APIM) last year but the microphone doesn’t work.

Forscan shows there is a DTC in the ACM for the mic open circuit. I’ve checked out the wiring and tried a new mic and it all looks good (16k resistance measured at the ACM connector and it’s a 16k mic).

I’m wondering if the Sync2.5 ACM uses different pins for the mic but can’t find any wiring diagrams for it. If it’s not that, I guess it’s going to be either a faulty ACM or will need some AsBuilt changes.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Here are the pin outs you need but I would guess the wiring is not the problem. Probably an AB setting.

The 8" schematic shows the Microphone going straight to the APIM and not the ACM, which you indicated you don’t have.

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