Sync 2 after market reverse camera screen change

I have 2016 Fiesta w/ manual transmission. I recently upgraded from sync 1 to sync 2 and installed aftermarket reverse camera. ACM is Sony. With wiring harness adapter for Kuga I got all controls to work. However, I can’t seem to get screen to switch over when I shift in reverse. Navigation is enabled, but it pops with an error to take it to dealership and it does not see any satellites. I have two different GPSM 4-pin, and neither works. I read through bunch of posts online and looked though as builds for sync 2 on here, but no luck. Wondering if anyone could help.

ACM doesn’t matter for this, the changes to allow the RVC are all in the APIM.
Try looking for a 2016 Fiesta Ti which would have had the RVC from the factory, use its VIN to pull the ASBuilt from Ford and then use AsBuilt Explorer to find the deltas between your current config and the one that had the gear from the factory.

Thank you. I didn’t know which model of Fiesta came with sync 2 and backup camera.
I mentioned ACM just for the info, since I had to change it all. I understand asduilt changes are done in APMI.
Thanks for responding. I didn’t really think anyone would, because I went to sync 2 instead of 3 - quiet outdated! (-:

OK. No luck so far. I’ve checked and tried matching settings to few different fiestas, 2016 and 2015, but no luck.
I will keep trying more, but meanwhile;
Does anyone have a guide or an explanation what each section of numbers/characters in as-builts are for? What do they actually change?