Sync 2 > sync 3 ford expedition upgrade looses backup camera and volume from dvd player

I am trying to help my father upgrade his sync 2 to sync 3 and after we load the AsBuilt the back up camera doesn’t work and the the ceiling mounted dvd player does not pipe audio through the stereo. He has a 2014 expedition and the sync 3 was purchased online. Any help would be appreciated.

@jp1 Could you please copy and paste your Sync 2 and Sync 3 asbuilts here, or files, so I can take a look? Thanks.

@bill32399 can you take a look at the asbuilts once posted if you have a few minutes?

A 2014 Expedition is Sync 1. I am surprised Sync 3 works at all.

The overhead video would never work in a SYNC 3 or 2 APIM as it does not have that functionality. They also did not come with an overhead OEM DVD player per the Brochure for 2014 Expedition, They only came with headrest monitors as an option after 2010.

Also, you cannot load the SYNC 2 AsBuilt info into a SYNC 3 APIM as they are totally different. Sync 2 was not added until 2015. Could you maybe have the year and model wrong?

I am sorry I was mistaken. I didn’t have the info in front of me that time. It is a 2015 ford expedition el xlt/king ranch. I am working on getting the files posted in the next few minutes.

Files are attached
Original asbuilt.ab (14.3 KB)
APIM Current.abt (349 Bytes)

The over head dvd is a point of contention between my father and I. I also don’t think it is OEM but he said that the dealer said it was. I am less concerned about that and more concerned about the back up camera. The proximity sensors work but the screen just shows blue when you back up. If we put the sync 2 back in it works without issue so I am assuming it’s a programming issue.

Just a couple notes, it can’t be both an XLT and a King Ranch. These both have different options, so it is important to know.

The settings you are using pretty much match a 2016 that had Sync 3 so that is good. Thats where I would have started.

I don’t see any problems in your settings you have. Maybe @F150Chief will see something.

From the VIN, this is a 2015 FORD EXPEDITION EL XLT

That is OEM on the Platinum and King Ranch versions and could be ordered on other trim levels. The DVD player is ceiling mounted and feeds the rear seat entertainment system. The monitors are mounted in the front seat headrests. I believe it was probably a dealer installed option as new. I thought you had to use headphones with this system.

This is due to lack of video signal to the Sync 3 unit. This is probably just a setting that needs adjusting. Did you run the New Module LIN Calibration when you added Sync 3 to the vehicle? (In FORScan)
Tools menu > BCM LIN New Module Calibration. In FORScan, that wrench button.
(Not the blue line, above it…)

I am looking thru the asbuilts. It appears you loaded a 2016 Expedition XLT asbuilt into the Sync 3 unit.

There are a few changes you should make to the APIM asbuilt:
7D0-01-01 x2xx xxxx xxxx to 7D0-01-01 xAxx xxxx xxxx
Turn on PDC for the backup camera when you get it to work. This setting will not make the camera work, this is for the vehicle display.
7D0-01-02 xxxx xxxx 0Axx to 7D0-01-02 xxxx xxxx 12xx
Rear Climate Air Flow Mode.
Turn off Sirius Travel Link.
Corrects the rear climate setting and disables Sirius TL. It was disabled in Sync 2.

This is just a text doc I made with the different asbuilts…
1FMJK1JT1FEF38565 jp1.txt (1.6 KB)

Thank you for the help. I think I ran the BCM LIN New Module Calibration when I first set this up but I will try again and make the suggested changes this evening if my father is available.

You could also look at the connector on the rear of the APIM. The blue screen means that the APIM is switching and working, but there is no video from the camera. If the LIN cal completes without issue and there is still a blue screen, take the connector from the APIM and look for bent pins, etc. Here is the pinouts for the APIM. Look to see that the proper wires are in the right place.

APIM Connector Versions.pdf (201.5 KB)

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