Sync 2 to 3 Backup Camera Problems

2011 Ford Explorer
Upgraded from a dying Sync 2 to a Sync 3 w/ Navigation (eBay from China). It took a bit of time, but I got everything working perfectly EXCEPT the backup camera (which never gave me trouble before). It will work for a second then goes wonky (see attachments). Any thoughts?

SYNC Version and As Built

Video of problem

The question everyone asks I suppose. Did you do a sync master reset after the update?

Also the latest update through Cyanlabs is version 3.4, build 23088, maps 2.22 which is a normal update from your version.

Thanks for the reply, I did do a master reset. No Luck.
I want to say, I read somewhere that 3.4 does not work on my old 2011 Explorer. In fact, I believe it came from eBay with 3.4 but Cyanlabs downgraded it back to 3.3…

Your main problem might be that your APIM is from China. Many people have had problems with these, especially after updating.

I have a 15 Explorer and am very familiar with the CGEA 1.2 Networks in the 11-15 Explorers. I can tell you that any version of SYNC 3 will work just fine so far. I use a K series APIM with 3.4.23088 and it works fine.

You could try updating to the latest version 3.4.23088 again as your current version 3.3, build 19052 is normally uploaded as part of the process when updating to build 23088.
This happened in my case and I had to go through the Cyanlabs process again using 3.3.19052 as my current update as I made some sort of error with my first try.

Thanks for the help. Gotta get through Independence Day then I will try 3.4.

Make sure that the asbuilts reflect a CGEA 1.2 vehicle in the settings. The video shows a connection issue, not a Sync problem. You are losing sync on the video. You might want to check the pinout of the camera on the Sync connector.

Of course it could just be the APIM is bad.

Chinese APIM. I am going with this.

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I am aware that my 2011 Explorer is CGEA 1.2 - I will double check the settings. Yesterday the camera came on (and stayed on while I was backing up) BUT, there were no guide lines (the Green, Red, and Yellow), and the image was reversed from left to right (everything was backwards).

The image should look like you are looking at the rear view mirror.

The guide lines may repopulate just by driving. @bill32399 , there may be a setting in the PAM about the guidelines for Sync 2 to 3 retrofits?

The PAM is not configurable on the 11-15. It’s a small module under the Passenger side C pillar. They added it to the BCM in 16.

He said Active Guidelines was working with Sync 2 and only stopped when he added the new Sync 3 APIM. So unless there is some missing info here than the only thing it could be is a AB issue.