SYNC 3 3.0 to 3.4 fail black screen

I would agree with you treating it as a MY20 APIM since the last one got bricked. Ford probably updated the software and hardware in the refurb units they sent out. So no way of going up to 3.4 for now. Maybe one day I’ll take appart the dash and snap a pic of the APIM

So, the APIM was replaced at a Ford dealership ?

APIM was replaced by a refurb unit at the dealer. I tried to update and got bricked. Got a replacement again installed at Lincoln

Looks like it’s a replacement APIM, an OEM J series APIM does not have MY20 hardware, but replacement units do.

One thing you can look into is jailbreaking the unit and using FMODS’ universal reformat package that can handle MY20 hardware. That way you could update to the latest version and maps.

But you should not use Syn3updater to reformat the unit since Syn3updater uses the leaked reformat tool from Ford, which can’t handle MY20 hardware. At least, until you can confirm or not if the unit is fact My20.

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