Sync 3.4.21194 - Feedback & Issues

I appreciate all the help, however I am a little confused, using the sync3 updater

this is how I was able to update from 3.0 to 3.4 I didn’t make any changes to the defaults or regions

The info above looks fine. Could you post the log file from the usb?

When you say Ford Apps, is this AppLink apps? A lot of those are discontinued now with 3.4. See the Ford Owner website for info on what is available for your vehicle…

i will get the log file, anyone have issues with using the FordPass remote start after the upgrade. i tried a full master reset a few times still not working.

You just need to wait

Common issue. Do this, assuming you have good AT&T cell service in your area.

Delete the phone from your vehicle.
Delete FordPass from your phone completely.
Reboot your phone. This is critical. (DO NOT install FordPass yet.)
Perform a Master Reset on your Sync system.
Re-pair your phone with your Sync system.
Make sure all your phone functions work, etc.
Turn off the car.
In 15 minutes, turn car on, let everything settle.
The engine must be running for the following:
Add the FordPass app to your phone.
Open the FordPass app and add your vehicle to the app.
You should receive a confirmation email that the vehicle was added.
Activate the vehicle.
You should receive a confirmation email that the vehicle was activated. If you do not, do not try over and over to activate the vehicle, as this will just mess things up.
Once you get the email, answer the prompts on the Sync screen to accept the permissions, etc.
Shut off the vehicle.
Log off the app and close the FordPass app on your phone.
Wait 15 minutes or so, then open the app on the phone and log in.
FordPass app should catch up.

This is a long and tedious process, but this has worked for me and others repeatedly. Just be patient, sometimes it takes overnight…

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Apologies for the repeat since I am not finding the edit button.
I just completed the Sycn 3.4.21194 a few days ago on my F150 and so far has been great. I did not complete any master reset at the end since everything seem to be working (Fordpass, GPS, etc) all is working as normal. I just need to re-pair the apple car play and android auto.
On the other hand I was checking the Theme options using pressing the right buttons on both the steering wheel as well the console method. I see on the list there are several options for the different themes however when selected it does not make any changes to the theme and remain as my20 themes. My question is this mean the new themes on sync 3.4.21194 was not part of the download package hence even it was listed it cold not be activated?. Not a big deal and more of curiosity question.

Dont have any issue with my update. All is working as per normal. All I need is just re-pair the Bluetooth, apple car play and android auto with the phones.

You will need FORScan to change the themes. The themes accessed thru the test menu do not persist thru a key cycle.

@F150chief. Thanks for the response. Its been over a year since the last time I play with themes and based my recollection in past with the stock sync 3.0.17276 I remember I was able to see the theme changes using the test menu and once I like the one I would go to FORScan to make it permanent but with MY20 update changing the theme does not make any changes to the background, color, etc. Example when I select GT themes the background color show still as the MY20 standard blue. Is this mean I would need to use FORScan to test and try the different themes one by one ? or is this mean my download is missing the themes package?. if it the later is there anyway I can download and install the themes manually?.

Sync 3.4 has somewhat reduced the number of themes available. The old blue GT theme was deleted some time ago in 3.2, never made it to 3.4.

Here are the current Themes…

Theme Notes
00=Ford Classic (Blue Theme, Multi-colored Buttons) Ford Classic, in 3.4 and up it sets either Classic or Ford MY20 with bootscreen theme.
01=Ford Timeless (Blue Theme, Blue Buttons)
02=Lincoln Timeless (Gold Theme, Black Icons)
03=Lincoln Next (Gold Theme, White Icons) Lincoln Next, in 3.4 and up it sets either Next or D544 (Lincoln MY20) with bootscreen theme.
04=Ford GT (All Blue Theme for 2017 Ford GT) Ford GT Theme (Not available on later Sync 3.2 after My18.5)
05=Lincoln MY20 Lincoln MY20 8 Landscape (Horizontal)
06=Ford MY20 Ford MY20 8 Landscape (Horizontal)
07=Lincoln 10L MY20 Lincoln MY20 10 Landscape (Horizontal)
08=Ford 10P MY20 Ford MY20 10 Portrait (Vertical)

And the Boot Screens…

Boot Screen Animations Sync Versions 3.0 thru 3.3 (Splash Screens)

Screen Notes
01=Ford/Lincoln (Default under 3.0 thru 3.3)
03=Lincoln Black Label
04=Lincoln Presidential
05=Raptor Ford Performance
06=Mustang Ford Performance
07=GT350R Shelby Formerly Ford-GT - Not available on later Sync 3.2 afer My18.5
09=Shelby Mustang R1
0A=Ford (Change if you want Ford Boot Splash with Lincoln Theme) Does not work in 3.4!
0B=ST (Ford Performance) - Sport Technology
0C=RS (Ford Performance) - Rallye Sport
0D=GT (Ford Performance) - Grand Touring Does not work in 3.4!
0E=Lincoln Continental
0F=Lincoln Navigator (MY18+ with 10 Display)

Boot Screen Animations Sync Version 3.4 (In addition to or replaces above)

Screen Notes
00=Unknown (not used in 3.4) Replaces above setting.
01=Unknown (not used in 3.4) Replaces above setting.
02=Unknown (not used in 3.4) Replaces above setting.
10=EVO (Ford Performance) Ford EVO (Ford Classic)
11=Aviator U611(Aviator) (Lincoln MY20)
12=Explorer U625(Explorer) (Ford MY20/Ford 10" MY20)
13=Corsair CX483(Corsair) (Lincoln MY20)
14=Nautilus U540(Nautilus) (Lincoln D544/Lincoln Classic but sets MY20 theme)
17=Bronco CX430(Bronco)

@F150chief . Excellent thank you very much. This is great.
Just to clarify what I was asking with 3.4 we are no longer able to preview these using the test menu?

Yes you can preview thru the test menu, just be careful not to choose the 10" display themes as they do not fit the 8" screen. If you do, just power cycle and the APIM will return to normal.

Well, contrarian that I activated the Navigator 10" on my 2019 Fusion Energi and it worked. I had just updated to 3.4.21194 and it works despite being for the 10" screen. When I say activated, I mean using Forscan, not the “hidden” menu. Maybe it doesn’t work from the maintenance menu, but it does from Forscan, at least in my car.

This update works great so far. I was able to activate calm screen and it already gave me the Sirius channel art.

Haven’t tested the USB stuttering issue. My understanding from reading everything here is not to expect much if anything.

This has been a fantastic way to update.


What coding did you use in FORScan?

Using the latest non-beta version of FORscan, I just set things from the APIM configuration – not the “AsBuilt” but the simple one where all the options are spelled out.

I set Calm Screen to “Enabled” and from the “SplashScreen” item I selected the 10" Navigator screen. Drove a bit doing errands today and it still is working. I like how that screen looks with the animation and since I depend on the navigation so much when I travel for business, it sort of fits, lol. I don’t like having a screen that seems to have no relation to the vehicle… although I know I’m stretching it here!

This is the Splash or Boot Screen setting. This is separate from the Theme setting. However, the setting you made makes the proper screen size in your case.

I run the Ford Performance splash screen with the Lincoln MY20 theme, set to night mode.

Updated my 2016 Focus ST from 3.0.19205 to 3.4.21194 NA on 9/1/2021, update seemed smooth. When I start the car, I get an error in sync about USB hubs not being supported. I’m not using any hubs outside of what is installed in the car. Are there additional logs you need to troubleshoot?

You have a 2016 car you need a new usb hub, this is mentioned many times on this forum

That sounds great. To run the Lincoln theme, do you need to change the model to Lincoln, or will it just run the colors and all? I love the warm colors of the Lincoln theme.

Thanks and I guess I’d better not continue this as it’s going “off-topic”. I’ll give the Lincoln theme a run today.