Sync 3.4 Climate DUAL button fix

After installing Sync 3.4, I had an issue where when the Dual Climate mode was off, in Sync 3.4 the DUAL button was “On”. If I turned the Dual Climate mode on, the button on Sync 3.4 became disabled and the only way to turn dual climate off was via the physical button.

I was able to write a fix for this which I’ve posted on and just wanted to post a pointer here for anyone else who may have this problem.

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Thank you, Jordan.

Without going into the whole JB thing (we do not discuss that here due to legal reasons), was the fix to remap the HMI parameters? I’m curious what is actually broken and if this is the same as the F-250 trucks of the same era. They have a similar issue with climate and Sync 3.4.

Essentially. I’m not sure exactly of the root cause, but modifying the QML files was able to provide the desired behavior.

That being said, the changes I made assume that you have dual mode so I haven’t tested it with modifying APIM values to then be single zone.