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Another plus I’ve found since updating to 3.4.23088 and F12 maps is that traffic info (UK) has returned. On my last 2 journeys on main roads, a voice message indicated “re-routing due to traffic”, and the affected section of road changed colour on the map.
On my 2016 Mondeo, I used to have a traffic subscription with a monthly fee. That service was discontinued by Ford, according to an email they sent me maybe 2 years ago, and they stopped taking payments. It never worked well, and only very rarely re-routed due to traffic.
It’s only with the latest update that I have ever had traffic congestion actually shown on the map. I’m assuming it must be radio-based, as mobile data was not connected at the time. Anybody know?

This service is provided thru FordPass for Sync 3.

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For a newer car with a mobile data modem, you would be correct. My 2016 car doesn’t have that.
For the first 2 years from new the navigation would very occasionally re-route due to traffic, and the data came via a radio service I think. For the next couple of years I paid a very low monthly Ford subscription. Then it was discontinued by Ford UK. It was never very accurate or useful and never showed traffic on the map.
The Sync 3.4 and F12 maps update seems to have activated a free service, which not only re-routes due to traffic congestion, but shows the location and the direction of the congestion on the map. Based on my last 2 journeys into congested cities, the info seems to be much more detailed and accurate.
I’m curious to know what has changed and how it works. Mobile data was off on my phone during the journeys, as I don’t want alerts every time an email arrives. So I’m guessing it must still be radio based, and possibly only available on certain radio stations, or only DAB stations?

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