Sync 3 APIM Bench Test Project Completed

I don’t know then something is off and I can’t tell you what. Could be configuration, could be something broken. If you had an obd2 cable and forscan you could see if the APIM at least shows up.

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I have already opened a thread, because I would like to run my radio at the bench. And since that’s what this post is about I was advised to post here as well, which I am now doing.

Maybe someone here has an idea how I can get the radio to start.

This seems like the perfect group for this question, I really hope it is.
I build custom vehicles, right now i am building a 2003 f250 with a 2014 f250 platinum interior. a background on me is 25 year mechanic with a background in computers and robotics so i have a little of everything. My question is . I am planing on using an aftermarket android testla style radio designed for the 2015, the trucks wiring is 2003 does anyone have a pin out for the audio out of a factory sync 2? it is my understanding that the audio leaves the radio to a rear amplifier. Is this true? if so i will use aftermarket amplifiers. I will just need to find the audio signals. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Just go to Ford and pay them the $20 for 72 hour access to Oasis and you will have everything you need for this project!

- FordServiceInfo.Com (

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