Sync 3 APIM on 8inch Sync 4 screen

Hey guys, in my infinite quest of finding upgrades for my 16 PIU, i stumbled upon a sync 4 screen with a sync 3 apim mounted on the back side, theres a company who claims to sell the screen and the bracket for a 14-19 explorer. Is this a known common upgrade or can it actually be done without compatibility issues?

I would think the SYNC 4 8" inch screen is compatible with SYNC 3, The SYNC 3 screen is compatible with SYNC 4 but i can’t confirm the otherway around.

Thank you for the response im just not trying to pull the trigger without some sort of confirmation. However the aebsite claims it to be compatible.

It is, but you can find a Sync 4 8" screen cheap on eBay…

I knkw its a long shot but woukd you happen to have a part number, cause the website sells it with the bracket already id have to source that too

I will need to research…