Sync 3 APIM works on bench but not in truck!

Apologies for placing this in the wrong section. I can’t seem to create a topic in the Sync 3 support section via the form it keeps saying Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Hi! I’m doing a sync 3 retrofit on my 2015 f150! It has the 4" screen and I’m trying to get it to sync 3.4.

I acquired a bricked ford escape sync 3 apim module that was bricked while updating.
With the power of these 2 github repos:

I was able to create a test bench that turns it on and sends canbus ignition / turn on messages.
Using the sync3flash I was able to unbrick the unit and also upload cyanlabs 3.4 update files to it via USB.
After that, the unit turned on correctly and had android auto working and everything while on the testbench!

For context,
When plugged into just power and no canbus messages are sent to it, the unit turns on the backlight, and then turns it back off again.

When I plugged the unit into my truck and turned the truck on, the unit did the same thing and turned the backlight on for a second or two and then turned off as if it wasn’t getting the ignition messages it wanted, or some other incompatibility you guys might know that’s causing this.

In my truck before this was the 4" sync screen found in 2015 f150s with sync 1.1 I believe it’s called with the black plastic APIM in it.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Why won’t the APIM turn on in my truck? Are my wires in my harness having a bad connection or something? Does my truck send out the wrong turn on canbus messages compared to what this unit is expecting? Is my truck missing a part because its a 2015 and sync 3 wasn’t around at that time? Is this APIM not compatible with this vehicle? Should I try a different version of sync 3 because it might accept different turn on canbus messages?

Likely red herring for extra information: I had the old GPSM module plugged in to the harness while performing this test and also the new GPS fakra connector plugged into the APIM at the same time. I assume this doesn’t mean anything though.

Bill of materials for my upgrade process:
2015 F150 XLT with the terrible 4" screen and sync 1.1 or whatever.

Ford escape APIM
HJ5T-14G370-KCB (MFG Date 06/26/2017) Not in the cyanlabs DB!
Has navigation
North america unit (Canada)
I’m doing a retrofit
NOT MY2020
Updated to most recent 3.4 version on cyanlabs site right now.

2021 mustang screen
ACM out of my 2015 f150.
FCIM out of a lariat 2017 f150.
New USB hub directly from ford

I don’t have a profile with a sync 3 apim module in it on forscan so I have not yet been able to see the module in forscan either via the testbench or via when its plugged in and not working in the truck.

you need the harness

That helps, it means I effectively have some wires setup incorrectly. Do you think you’d be able to point me to a thread or a document where they have some pinouts that go from the car’s 50 pin connector to the APIM connector or describe how to make one of these harnesses?

I have already purchased a 50 pin extension cable already off aliexpress that I have already cut up and soldering in pigtails for usb hub power and also the rear view camera rca cable. Do you think I need to do something like mess with the canbus wires there or something like that? Also if you happen to know what pins/wires off this we’re supposed to use for the usb hub that would help. I attached the +12V wire of the usb hub to the +12v wire on that harness and obviously it doesn’t shut off with the car and is a passive drain (duh).


Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me I feel pretty dumb for forgetting to grab a harness like this.

I wasn’t aware that new wires needed to be ran directly from the APIM to the ACM and to the FCIM. I was under the impression that all those wires were able to be accessed using the existing wiring in the truck from the existing APIM connector. That’s quite a lot to make myself even if I had the pinouts.

Still, If you happen to know any links to explain the pinouts of this harness it might help people in the future.

I’ve purchased a harness and I’ll report back once I have it.

Can you provide more information about this, what URL/Address is saying “That page doesn’t exist or is private”?

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