Sync 3 Blank Screen Wont Turn On

Hi All, I have a uk spec 2013 Fiesta ST that i retrofitted a Sync 3 system in it, recently the screen stopped working, i had got a new video cable and it worked for a week. Now it has completely stopped working showing a blank screen. I am still able to play music and usb still works as i have a wireless android adapter plugged and it connects to my phone. Sometimes moving the video cable the screen would turn on briefly.

Any suggestions to what the issue can be, it could be either the APIM or the screen itself

Did you try a soft reset or master reset or both?


It’s very hard to diagnose a unit like that. Based on your description, it seems hardware related. The fact changing the cable made a difference makes me thing about the connectors. Since the cable connects 2 devices, saying if it’s the screen or APIM it’s a 50/50, really.

One thing I would try is unmounting the screen so that you can play with both ends of the cable to see which end is most likely the issue. Make sure the connectors are clean as well, and without play.

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Hi , i tired that

I am going to buy an apim first

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