Sync 3 Conversion Asbuilt Problems/Climate Controls

Hi there, I have recently completed a sync 3 conversion on my 2014 Fiesta ST (AUDM). Pretty much everything works and now just down to the fiddly bits so to speak. I am struggling to get options to show up in vehicle settings. have tried a few things but nothing has worked. I cant seem to get hill start assist, powerfold mirrors or Deflation Detection System (including reset currently throwing a tyre pressure light which i have fixed the tyre pressure but not way of resetting) All of these are fitted to the car and all work just arent configurable at this stage. I have changed some asbuilt settings to get hill start to work but it still doesnt show up however traction control now does. I also saw that DDS shows up in the f150 spreadsheet. Any help would be great TIA

You won’t be able to get any of that to show up on a 2014 Fiesta with Sync 3

Correction: You can get it to show up but it most likely won’t work, unless i am also missing something as i have never got it working on my 2019 Fiesta with factory Sync 3


A 2014 (mk7) Fiesta is definitely not compatible with these options, nearly none in the 7D0-08 and 09 regions are.


Okay thats no worries Im curious if you guys in the states have hill start assist at all from my understanding the st’s do? How is that enabled and disabled by the driver? And would you be able to send me your asbuilt data? Id like to compare it to mine currently

Early models these features are either just on by default (I think Hill Start Assist is on a lot of Ford vehicles of this era?) or are set in the IPC.

Newer vehicles seem to be moving these vehicle settings from the IPC to Sync, but doing a retrofit as you have done, the settings in Sync are likely not going to be compatible with an older vehicle as you’ve found.

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Unlike most fords though there are no configurable settings on the ipc its as basic as can be. I dont see why without the correct apim to choose the correct settings these wouldnt work as they just work on different can networks and should be configurable. I have a 2017 Apim which doesnt have all the options on the asbuilt for me to try and test. I also see that the USDM car has some of the same options as mine does like hill start assist and dont know how they switch in on and off without the use of sync if its “not possible”. Need to get my hands on an asbuilt from a USDM car and see what works

Google the car you think is applicable to the options on yours. Look for the VIN and then go to and enter the VIN. You should get the factory asbuilt for the vehicle. Download the .ab file.

Once you have those files, you can compare them using this as built comparator tool.

Copy the Ford AsBuilt Tool folder with the 2 files to your computer and run the .exe file. This is a stand alone app, no installation. Keep the 2 files in the same folder.

@F150Chief Thanks man was able to get a hold of a 2019 Fiesta ST USDM Asbuilt and have been able to enable the option for hill start assist which is factory on my vehicle. I still cant get DDS or Powerfold mirrors but i might have to live without the option to turn them off oh well one thing at a time

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Hi Guys I was able to get climate controls to showup on my Sync 3 however when I try to asjust them they don’t change. They do what I do with the manual control. Example being if i set it to 24 itll show 24 on both the sync 3 screen and the climate control bit down below. Im not overly fussed about this just trying to see if I have missed something when I was adjusting the asbuilt. TIA

I had the same issue before, I am positive it’s only APIM configuration issue.
Find a working (factory) configuration (As Built data) from another car with similar equipment with same SYNC3 version. It can be done on Motrocraft site by VIN .

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Post your APIM asbuilt from the vehicle. Maybe just a setting defining automatic vs manual controls. What setting did the Sync 2 unit have before you changed it?

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Ill get the asbuilt data and post it when i get the chance. Ill also see if i can get ahold of a vin that has the working controls and get the asbuilt data for that and try it out. I work at a dealer in aus so finding one should be no issue