Sync 3 Downgrade from 10.1" Display to 8" Display on 20+ Explorer

I use the word downgrade sarcastically, the 10.1" Display on the 20+ Explorer is HORRIBLE. I purchased a 8" Display with the associated parts (matching vent, trim pieces and APIM). I was wondering if anyone has done this before and if so, what steps did they take to reprogram their APIM to work with the 8" display? I have access to FDRS, IDS, ForSCAN and a VCMII through work. So I am fairly confident I have the tools to do the job, just don’t know exactly how to downgrade the APIM and have it play nice.



Why did you buy a new APIM?.
I was under the impression that there’s an asbuilt setting for changing between 10’’ and 8’’ visual theme, but Sync3 package is the same.

Are you running Sync3 3.4?.
Check this value → Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs - Visual Design Variants (VDV) Sync Versions 3.0 Thru 3.4

I’m not familiar with your model, so I may be wrong about this and you would still need the new APIM.

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For SYNC 3 No need for an APIM. Its just a setting in Forscan to change it. Just a matter of putting in the new screen and changing the settings in the APIM. I would do the settings first before swapping the screen.

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The APIM came with the kit so I’ll probably just have a spare. If it is just a setting that is great news.

I am running Sync 3.4 as well.

I would hope a 2022 would have 3.4 LOL. Never heard of a kit, is this something Ford offers or is it something from a 3rd party? Only reason you would need an APIM is if you were upgrading to have Nav but a higher end 2022 that has a 10" should have that.

While you are changing stuff, make sure to take pictures of the stickers on the APIMs and screens, it would be nice to know which kind of hardware you are interchanging.

@bill32399 yea its definitely Sync 3.4. Also I picked it up from a 3rd party on ebay so it came with the screen, APIM, vents, trim piece and a bunch of wiring harnesses out of a 2020 Explorer donor car.

@SaNdMaN I am planning on making a video on the “downgrade” because it honestly is ridiculous how useless the 10.1" screen is. I am genuinely surprised no one has already done so (as far as my search has found).

The reason I’m asking is because according to your profile, you have a MY20/+ unit (APIM+screen, surely) on your car, which can’t be formatted.

So it would be nice to check which replacement screen and APIM models you have.

Based on your vehicle model, you will have a MY20+ APIM (Sync 3). As stated above, you will NOT be able to reformat this APIM. You need to be careful with this unit, just a warning.

Now, what are the contents of the kit and who’s kit is it? If the APIM in the kit has 2 USB ports on it, send it back, as it will not work properly in your vehicle. That would be a Pre-MY18.5, not compatible with MY20+ vehicles (completely).

You should post the listing of your parts with pics, really.

So, basically if you are going from the 10" Portrait screen…
2022 Explorer 10in

To the 8" Landscape screen…
2022 Explorer 8in

This should just be some trim pieces and the APIM asbuilt modifications.

Make sure keep the donor VIN if you ever want to be able to upgrade the maps and Sync version.

Hey @milesavelli , this thread has been silent for about 10 days now.
Any updates from your side?, do you need this thread open for any reason?.

I was going to leave it open for a bit waiting on the outcome of the screen swap. Curious to see…

So am I, but since we didn’t get an update in 10 days, I was wondering what’s going on with this project

Hey guys sorry I did go a little MIA there. I should have mentioned I was waiting for my package to arrive. Luckily enough it arrived today! I’ll be attempting the swap later this week so I’ll be sure to reach out if I have any difficulties.

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Good to know!, as you can see, we are a little curious about your project.

We will wait for updates then, and good luck.

Update for you guys!

I got it all swapped over and it’s working! Had some hiccups along the way, but if I ordered everything ahead of time the whole project would take maybe an hour.

My advice for anyone attempting this in the future, make sure you just get a replacement cable for the screen from amazon. Here is a link for the one I got.

The reason you want this cable is because the two screens have their connectors orientated in the opposite direction. The one from amazon is universal, so just go with that. Running the new cable isn’t too hard if you do it when you have the climate control removed.

As for the whole project and where to begin I suggest watching this video for understanding how all the trim pieces and stuff come apart.

Now most of the removal in the video is easier than anyone attempting this for the first time. I had to really put some force behind a few pieces to get them to pop. Some trim tools are also handy for those stubborn parts.

Once you swap everything over all you need to do software wise is update the As Built Data in the APIM and you are all set.

Using the database here:

Navigate to APIM → Sync 3 → Theme → Visual Design Variants (VDV) Sync Versions 3.0 Thru 3.4

DE02/7D0-03-01: xxxx-**xx-xxxx

I updated this via FORScan. Confirmed my default was 08 which matches the 10" Portrait and then I updated it to 00 for the 6/8" display. All my features rolled over, so no updates needed for navigation or anything else.

All done!

PS Ford needs to do something about the 10.1" Display – this smaller screen is literally more useful.

Awesome job and good info. Glad it all worked out. I agree the new portrait screens have something to be desired, especially if you wear bifocals! Not the most user friendly setup.

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