Sync 3 Issue / AsBuilt Confusion

Gang, could use some clarification on something…
2015 Ford Escape Titanium

Upgraded to Sync 3.4 and all works great… except the climate controls on the display are grayed out.

As I understand it, I either need to go into ForSCAN and change a few APIM values in the AB section… or reprogram my APIM with my original .AB file.

My questions are:

  1. Is this correct?

  2. If I reprogram my APIM to its original AB file, will this affect anything else with the 3.4 upgrade?

I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around this reprogram and the system still staying as 3.4. If anyone could ELI5, that’d be great!


Can a 2015 Escape get Climate Control on SYNC 3? :thinking: i’m not sure myself.

Did you have them before upgrading?.
Also, what version was the unit running before the upgrade?.

I’ve been reading so much about this for the last few days, that I’ve lost track of what I’ve read and where, but from what I’ve seen in the ForSCAN and forums, some have it/can set it.

Is there a way to find out for sure though? I"m glad to play guinea pig on this, if it helps.

The vehicle is new to me, so I’m flying blind. It was on 3.0 when I bought it, and the update to 3.4 went smoothly (radio, nav, etc all work).

What would be the best way to track this original info down? If I could get the climate controls to work, then I’d be set.

Ooops! my 2nd “flying blind” reply was meant for this post. Sorry about that!

I suspect it’s not possible but it may be that it just needs some as-built configuration, I don’t have the answers though so let’s see if someone else chimes in.

Have you master reset?

Thanks for chiming in. Appreciate it. If something comes to mind on how I can detective this, just let me know.

Oh man! I just ran outside to check (thinking, what a facepalm, yet great news that’d be!), but no luck.

I’ve found threads where folks change values, like this for example:

Thanks for the info!
Below is what worked for me. My value before the change was a 5.
7D0-01-02 xxxx x3xx xxxx

… but I don’t want to mess with values unless I’m somewhat confident I won’t seriously mess something up.

I’ve also read reprogramming the AsBuilt with the cars original version (which I DL’d from motorcraft), but I haven’t wrapped my brain around what the AB is and/or how it’ll affect the current Sync 3.4.

Any suggestions on what I might try next?
& thanks again for the replies and help! Really appreciate it!

If you save you current AB settings than you can mess with it. If you have problems you can just reload the saved settings to go back.

Thanks Bill. This was good advice and the route I took.

This was stressful, but I was finally able to get it working. In case anyone else comes looking for a similar issue, here’s how I solved this.

I’m assuming this is a '13-15 year issue, and that our Sync 3 updates attempt to bring us to '16 and newer. This is probably where the hiccup is occurring. Google searches led me to Explorer, Fusion, and F-150 forums with similar posts (all were '15). Their solutions were to find a similar styled '16 vehicle VIN and use that APIM’s AB values. So, after making sure that I’d saved everything I might possibly screw up, I went looking for a sample VIN in Copart, used that VIN in MC/AsBuilt, and manually input those APIM values into mine.

Once the reboot was complete, all was well and 100% working.

Something I hadn’t noticed not working on mine, that one of the posts had mentioned, was the steering wheel controls weren’t originally working (found out mine weren’t either) as well as the clock at the top center. All of these as well as the climate controls are now up and running as they should be.

Thanks again all! I hope this helps someone else who might one day find themselves in a similar situation.

Be careful though because a '16 Explorer was still Sync 2 so those AB numbers would be wrong for Sync 3. 17+ is pretty safe for all models I believe.

Good catch, Bill!

For anyone reading this in the future, 2 clarifications -

  1. I am playing with an Escape, so an Escape was the one I used when sourcing the APIM ab.
  2. '16 Escape’s were the first Escape’s to roll out with Sync 3, so I was confident I was on the right track (or I’d either then try the '17, or fall back to my own '15 AB and live with the limitations).


Something you forgot to mention here is veiled in your last post: '16 Escapes came with Sync 3. 2015 Escapes in the US did not come with Sync 3, rather Sync 2, which requires the use of CGEA 1.2 settings vs. CGEA 1.3 settings. This is obviously a Sync 3 replacement unit in the vehicle, in which case the original asbuilt is not compatible.