Sync 3 language and map change

Hi , i have 2020 Ford fusion imported from united states,
i have deferent language and map from my region as you know it have US language and map, can i use syn3 updater because as i heard it cant be used on 2020 sync3?! and if yes can i download my region language and map and install directly or i cant?


You can update the Sync app and voice files to your language/region thru autoinstall, but because you have a MY20+ APIM you cannot change the maps. You cannot use the reformat tool without risk of bricking the APIM. Also, be aware that the NA APIM is 32GB, not 64GB required for the full EU package.

Again, do not reformat…

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My car made in 8/2019
so the APIM regarded as 2020?
how to get sure it has MY20+ OR NOT?
iam realy amteur at that so please dont bother

Run the Syn3 Updater Interrogator logger to see if the APIM is MY20…
Utility Tab - CyanLabs

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