I have a project that I am finishing up. I have put a sync 3, jailbroke, in a 14 mustang and been using a euro style focus audio buttons. I wanted to switch to a 20 f150 audio buttons but it uses a Lin Bus with is pin 44 in the apim. When I connect the wire from the controls to pin 44 and then ground and positive nothing works. any ideas on what could be wrong?

this is my as built

The issue is the CGEA 1.2 (Mustang) electrical architecture vs the newer CGEA 1.3 of the Ford F-150. This will not work. The Focus buttons will work since they are CGEA 1.2.

Hey f150chief,

It was one of your post that i got the buttons working. I was reading allover and finally found out that hs3 and ican were the same lol.

Ah damn, so theres no way for me to use the f150 audio buttons if i just pin 44 in the apim?

Work in progress lol

This would look better!!

Can you explain better how the audio buttons are wired in the picture?

I used the diagram bellow, i was trying to figure out where ican +/- would go. I just wired them to pins 19/20 HS3 from the apim and power and ground and it started working. Figured ill try and see if the other controls could work.

FYI: im running off of a can bus emulator since the 14 mustang is to old. Everything is working fine, got it jailbroken so i got RVC on demand.

Have you set the APIM to be CGEA 1.2 instead of 1.3? This will force ICAN communications…

I haven’t. Ill try that when i get off work and see it that works.

F150Cheif - what lines should i be changing, i changed lines 3 and 4 but nothing seems to work. Maybe it might not be possible? Before this i did change out the asbuilt to a ecosport which i beleive uses Lin Bus for there controls but didnt work!!