SYNC 3 Map installion

Hi! If I installed 3.4.19200 with Cyanlabs without a map, can I install a map separately afterwards?If so, how to proceed?

Yes, just select maps and that’s it.
If the unit did not come with nav, then no.

It belongs to the device because it was on it from the factory. Only managed to reinstall without a map. How to set it in Sync 3 updater?

Go to the settings tab and configure it accordingly → Settings Tab - CyanLabs

I would also read the instructions → Basic Usage - CyanLabs

EDIT: If you upgraded from 3.0 to 3.4 (thus reformatting the unit), the quickest and cleanest way is to disable MY20 protection and reformat the unit again but with maps selected… This only applies if you already reformatted the unit and it’s not MY20…

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