SYNC 3 MY20 Database

Hello, I would like to have a tool or a database to check the APIM MY20, I know there is a way to check with the serial number, if that can save me disassembling to look at the date of manufacture. would be great.

There are known model numbers that are MY20, however there is no tool to check this and it’s not 100% reliable as the screen also plays a part in this.

Ok I understand, however a MY20 is necessarily made from 2020, I mean a year end 2019 APIM can’t be MY20?
For example NYA60010

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No idea, i don’t check it based on ESN

It’s based on model year, not necessarily manufacture date. My 2020 model year escape was built in October of 2019 and my APIM got bricked by the update. I was able to rescue it but I had to acquire an older model screen to get it working again after the reformat.

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The best way to determine MY2020 or above (MY20+) is to use the APIM Interrogator Utility to determine the APIM part number, firmware calibrations, and assembly number for APIM/screen assemblies. This however, is not completely failsafe as there are service parts being manufactured for older version APIM’s that have the newer eMMC with older exterior hardware. This has been discussed in several threads here. Manufacturer dates of late 2019 and on should always be suspect even if the part number of the unit indicates and earlier production unit. For example, There are Jxxx series APIM’s being manufactured for service release that have recent 2020 manufacturer dates. Do not reformat these units as they will brick. Specifically JR3T-14G371-BJD in this case. See the related thread:
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There is no relation to the APIM serial numbers vs. the MY20+ data that has been deciphered or published, although this data does probably exist in some Ford database.

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