SYNC 4a wifi enable

I have 2022 Ford expedition and wifi is not available in connectivity, I want to download sync 4 updates and the only way is to use wifi since the OTA update is disabled in our region

You could try using Forscan to change the option in the TCU.

TCU-L Database - CyanLabs

The data base does not show exactly what you would need to change so I would find another 2022 VIN that you know has the option and try to copy the AB for that one on your TCU.

Guessing you have an M series TCU and we don’t have any database for that one but it should be similar to the L series since they both would use the HS-4 Canbus. You could also change the region if it has been shipped in.

FYI an update over WiFi is still OTA, OTA = Over The Air as in over the internet not plugged in.

Got it, but since the wifi is disabled that’s why I can’t make update so once the wifi button appears I can connect and do the updates

yeah i don’t know why, i was just saying it’s still OTA even on WiFi, i know northing about SYNC 4

Yeah in sync 4 in USA they have hotspot connection from AT&T so once the update available it will be downloaded but in Middle east we don’t have that and stupidly they disabled the wifi connectivity

Ok, yesterday I connect forscan to the car and didn’t find TCU, it was disabled in the car and I enable it but no luck didn’t have access for it,I enable the wifi but when I tried to enable it from sync screen it keep telling my to enable it from connectivity which where I was
I’m not sure if my car have TCU module or not

You dont just go in and enable a TCU. If you have one it will show up on the HS4 network for that MY car. You can enable it in the APIM and that will make the functions available there but… Given that you had to enable it than I would guess you don’t have one.

Updates do not use the Hotspot functionality of the TCU or APIM, never have. OTA is a separate function of the APIM WIFI in Sync 3 vehicles and can also be used in Sync 4 vehicles by the Sync 4 APIM without the TCU. However, Sync updates (3 or 4) must be available in you region and supported by a certified carrier under agreement with Ford. Sync 4 APIM’s if equipped without a TCU are programmed for this from the factory.

Is there is any solution for that

There is no workaround for OTA updates.

There is no way to make wifi work, I got the button but when I tried to enable it it say I need to enable wifi from connectivity setting

and it’s not possible to make wifi work since each time I try to activate it it tell me you need to enable wifi from connectivity settings

If this is an imported vehicle, it is likely you have incompatible hardware for the country you are in. The vehicle was probably not retrofitted for the TCU, etc., to work properly. If you are in a ROW country, most likely the OTA is not even available, just as with Sync 3. If the dealer or service department in your area has Ford tools, you could get the updates that way.

Got it, I think I need to get ford FDRS so I can update it by my self since the dealer in my country is the most stupid dealer in the world, they don’t even know how to use FDRS

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