Sync Issue did new sync issue button

HI guys
I have done a sync 3 issue but unable to find the thread? will someone just contact me to help fix?


Search button is top right 3rd in, although it seems this is the 1st time you’ve ever posted, are you sure you posted here?

If you posted a message, once you did the webpage would land you in the created thread. So unless you did see it, it didn’t happen.

If possible, recreate the issue and provide screenshots please.

Just done another one bud

Think ive created a post same as this

Well, there’s a thread now…

But it’s a normal post, not using the template.
You didn’t provide any error or issue that you may had found while using the template.

I did all that bud before that one. I will try again bud.

Just clicked Done

So you click done and nothing happens?
That screen remains like that?

takes me here

Ok, will try to reproduce it once I have access to my laptop.

EDIT I’ve recreated the issue, after you complete everything the post is not created.
Hey @CyanLabs , the template seems to be broken, the thread is not created and you land on the forums without a thread being created.

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Hey, this bug has been fixed.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention!.

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