Sync System troubleshooting

Please help me troubleshoot issues. Ford is refusing to cover my issues under ESP warranty.
I intend to fix it myself.

First two times in the shop they couldn’t find (duplicate) the problem. I even showed them pictures of the messages. The third time in the shop they said a module under the console had a soft drink spilled on it and this was (90% sure) causing my issues. I wasn’t paying $1300 to maybe fix it. This very well could be the problem but I am not so sure the below problems are related.

2021 Expedition
Sync 3
58k miles


  1. Vehicle has persistently said “no key detected” since soon after purchase. Its been to the dealership three times for it. I have changed both key batteries. Vehicle will not shift out of park when the message is on the driver display. Message will randomly appear.

  2. Just recently the Sync 3 display starting going black (sometimes blue) and can not be turned back on until after a restart. This is the main reason I took it in the 3rd time. We had given up on the key issue but I figured I might as well bring it up again.

  3. Stereo resets after each start.

  4. Ford pass doesn’t work

Any insight on troubleshooting this is appreciated.

I do have a 2018 F150 with Jailbroken Sync 3 and I do feel with some proper sanity checks that I can fix these issues on the Expedition.


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