Sync to sync3 no climate

I have upgraded my sync to sync 3, i have a problem in climate doesn’t appears on screen or its disabled, also audio doesn’t balanced from left to right when on BT or memory stick ,while work normally with CD player.

If you have not performed a Master Reset of the APIM this is required.

already did this step

What is the vehicle and region?

Ford Edge 2013 , Middle East

Did you order this APIM from China?

This is a CGEA 1.2 vehicle, so there should be no issue with the climate controls, etc., with newer Sync 3 versions. This is probably an asbuilt programming issue.

When you say you upgraded from “Sync to Sync 3”, is this a hardware change from Sync 1 or 2?

upgrade from 4 inch to 8 inch

You will need to reprogram the APIM asbuilt data and possibly the FCIM (button panel for the climate). You will need FORScan and the recommended adapter. Or find someone to do it for you…

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