Sync2 3.10 update for Ford fusion

Hi anyone have 3.10 sync2 update for fusion? I have EU version of this but I need USA version. all differences is rearview camera not showing steering lines after eu version was installed (3.10.16180.EA.0) and lost some apps (engine report- not remmember actual name)

Replay to my self and other who search similar information. So I figuring out everything about this issue:

  1. Install 3.08 NA version.
  2. Update it up to 3.10 NA version.
  3. Relearn LIN bus network (not actually remember correct name of it) (with Forscan same as backup camera relearning).
  4. IPMA calibration (Front camera calibration for lane assist) also with Forscan.
    And only after all this rear active guidelines come back (white ones).

Do you still need the update files?

Thanks. But I already have those files (3.08 and 3.10NA versions)