Sync2 to Sync3 upgradw

I have a 2015 F350 and upgraded from sync2 to sync3. Ran into a couple of problems.
First one: cannot change treble, base midrange. after trying to change them, they go back to max setting. Also cannot adjust sound to speed or go from surround to stereo.
Second: I receive alerts, but cannot adjust sound. The volume lowers like a sound will play, but nothing is heard.
Third: when adjusting the volume, nothing shows up on the screen to show the level. The sound does adjust and same for fan speed.
Any helps is greatly appreciated.

Could you please post your APIM asbuilt. This is likely a CGEA 1.2 vs 1.3 setting.

I fixed my problem, 7D0-01-01 stays with original as built and 7D0-01-02 changed to 0201 4000 0A27 and everything works.

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