SYNC3/Carplay Behavior when Connecting iPhone

I have a general gripe about how SYNC3 (with integrated navigation) handles the screen display when an iPhone is connected, but not necessarily when Carplay is wanted: As soon as the phone is connected via USB, the integrated navigation map disappears and is replaced by a “shortcut” called “maps” - when pressed this directly invokes Carplay map navigation instead.
Why does SYNC do this ? I have other vehicles with similar systems (e.g. Hyundai) where simply connecting a phone does not blank out the built-in navigation. Also is there a way to change this behavior by coding ?

One of the reason I don’t use CarPlay…But then it doesn’t interest me anyways.

This is not so much the behavior of Sync vs the CP and AA implementation within Sync by Ford, who spends a fortune in surveys and studies to canvas the population about how they would like their phones to act in their cars and for every aspect of their life, so the results are predictable.

What I like is the direct USB feed I can get via Carplay for music apps - Spotify for example on hi resolution setting is really very good!

I understand that, if I used Spotify I think that would be useful. Otherwise, I just have never found a lot of use for CP personally.

All files are signed by ford, any modification to the update files would break the signature and therefore not install, hardware file modification maybe but it’s likely binary files and would need to be recompiled

I don’t have a navigation equipped unit but have to ask, can you use or not use the Sync navigation system when a phone is plugged in ?

You can use the on board nav with a phone plugged in running CP, just select Sync in the CP menu and go to the nav in Sync.

No sir - that does not work (at least not for me): See following screenshots:

  1. SYNC 3 in “normal mode” - no phone connected via USB: You can see built-in navigation pane on the left, with radio station top right and my phone’s bluetooth connection bottom right:

  2. As soon as I connect my phone via USB, the screens change as follows:

  3. Hitting the Navigation arrow from the previous screen takes me directly to Google Nav via CarPlay:

That changed I guess.


lol - are you saying that Android Auto behaves differently in this regard ? FWIW, if I go into Apple CarPlay preferences, I can set CarPlay not to come up at all when the iPhone is connected and this effectively fixes my issue (phone still charges as well, so I guess that will have to do!)

AA behaves similarly. I did set that to keep CP from taking over when I connect a phone via cord. Maybe that’s why I though you could get to the onboard nav because I did that almost first thing.

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LOL - I see. Actually my point of comparison is Hyundai - when an iPhone is connected it just highlights the CarPlay icon on the screen as a launch button and leaves everything else the same.

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