Sync3 Number of Presets

I notice (Forscan) that you can change the presets from 6 to 10 in the ACM. Do I need certain p/n ACM? also will this work on the 8" screen.

On the APIM there is a setting for mixed presets again do I need a certain p/n APIM?

Vehicle Model: F-150
Vehicle Year: 2018

This will not work with your vehicle unless you were to upgrade the ACM to a later unit that supports the extended mixed mode presets. A MY2020 ACM would be needed. Make sure the wiring connectors match, you may need to add a pair of wires from the ACM to the APIM directly, so you will need to obtain the proper connector pins for both sides.

There are a few threads here that deal with this subject and adding SiriusXM.

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I have SiriusXM, but my presets are only 6 would like to have the 10…

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