Sync4 TCU/modem/Fordpass App in EU with NA hardware

Hello and appologies if this is not the right place.

I have a 2021 F-150 US spec with US TCU and APIM, etc. I cannot activate the vehicle in Fordpass due to not having access to AT&T network. I tried messing with TCU in Forscan 754-01-01 xxx* to no avail.

Is it at all possible to get the truck to connect to Fordpass while in Europe?

I don’t think they offer the F-150 anywhere here, so I won’t be able to get a EU TCU, unless I use a Ranger or other vehicle. Even then, wouldn’t the eSIM require dealer activation? Ford dealers in Germany say it is not possible and refuse to help. Forscan US and US dealers say it is not supported as there is no AT&T coverage. But Sync 4 works here with Mach Mustang and other EU spec Fords.

Thanks in advance.

You will need to install an EU TCU to the vehicle for FordPass to function. For a 2021 vehicle with Sync 4, this will require activation. There is no support for this through Ford at this time. If you find something, let us know.

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