TCU Retrofit in UK

Hi Guys

Anyone have any experience of retrofitting a TCU in the UK?

I have read the excellent guid over at f150 linked in the sticky.

The only TCU’s I can see on eBay uk are LR3T-14G087-VH which seem to have been fitted to everything from transits to fiesta and focus. Referencing the f150 guide I believe the LR** means the unit uses the hs-4 network which I don’t think exist on my 2018 car.

I therefore suspect the guide as intended is US only.

Anyone confirm I’m correct ??


LR is the year of manufacturer (L=2020) and the R3 is Mustang. So, the LR3T-14G087-VH part number is assigned to a 2020 Mustang.

You cannot use an L-series in a 2018 vehicle. You will need a J or K-series TCU. These are compatible with HS3-CAN. (The K-series will likely need to be downgraded.) Information in the F150Forum thread is quite useful, but is meant for NA vehicles, not EU. Find a used unit from a 2017 or 2018 vehicle in the UK and it should retrofit without much issue.

Since we didn’t hear back from you in 2 weeks, I’m closing this thread.