TCU upgrade 2018 Fusion

I’ve done an upgrade of the existing 4G TCU in my 2018 from an HJ5T to a JL3T and I’m running into a problem with what appears to be the TCU going to sleep.
Try to unlock/lock/remote start from FordPass after the car has sat for 20-30 minutes and it times out, open a door and then try it, it will lock/unlock and remote start.

Factory unit
Part number: HJ5T-14G087-UF
Calibration level: HJ5T-14G087-UM
Strategy : HJ5T-14G139-UM

New unit
Part number: JL3T-14G087-CM
Calibration level: JL3T-14G087-CM
Strategy : JL3T-14G139-CM

Any ideas?
Only change I’ve made is the engine type to 3 from 1 since I’ve got a Hybrid and I’ve also tried to just leave it as a 1.
DonorTCU_20240303_142810.abt (501 Bytes)

You need to upgrade the TCU firmware from CM to CT. It takes about an hour to do. There is an SSM on this issue.

Are you looking for more or newer features by replacing the TCU?

More/newer features.
The original TCU was pretty bare bones, all it had was lock/unlock/start and OLM.
Is CM to CT a straight update or is there a mid point?

With the original, going from UH to UM with IDS required UH to UJ first, then it offered up UM. ForScan just had UM as a straight update.

CM to CT straight thru with FORScan. When you do this update you may see added asbuilt lines. See the TCU database, it has the definitions for those.

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Going to CT didn’t make a difference.
The donor was a 2020 F150, so I’ve loaded the AB from a 2020 Fusion Ti Hybrid and it seems to be behaving.
Has anyone done a full decode of the alerts, etc for the J3LT?
Here are my deltas between the 2020 Fusion and the F150, one is in the keep alive.
754-02-01 1B20 F150 0BA0

754-03-03 7D7D xxxx xxxx F150 7C7C

754-03-06 1E00 xxxx xxxx F150 001E

754-06-01 7D7D 7D7C 7C F150 blank

754-06-02 7D7D 7D7D 7D F150 0277 only

Has anyone found a way to turn off the WiFi so that the TCU doesn’t throw a DTC for no WiFi antenna?
No DTCs, clean wiring harnesses, etc after a mod is just one of my quirks and I’d rather not take apart the rear shelf again just to throw on a $9 antenna.

You mean the second cell antenna used for diversity cell channel bonding for the receive signal to boost download speeds. The Wi-Fi antenna is internal on J, K, and L series 14G229 and 18C047 TCU’s. The answer is there is not a setting to disable that antenna port. Also, a $9 Binfu antenna will give you an open circuit condition as it is the wrong antenna design type. You will need a PIFA or similar closed-circuit antenna to clear the DTC. However, the Binfu or similar antenna will work.

UCDS has a rather good list of the alert parameters, but that program is not available due to Russia misbehaving. (At least is was…) Other than that, you would need to obtain the JSON firmware definitions from Ford.

The 2020 Fusion asbuilt would be the closest match to your vehicle, most likely. The asbuilt for the F-150 would not be accurate for the features supported by Ford for the Fusion. Each vehicle type has its own set of features supported thru the FordPass system. FYI - Turning on features not supported for your vehicle will do nothing, as the data will not be passed thru to the FordPass app.

I think the deltas you see now are not exactly valid as they are between 2 different firmware versions containing different lines of asbuilt coding. (-CM and -CT). You should stick with the Fusion coding and disregard the F-150 coding as it does not really apply to your vehicle.

Dropping in the 2019 Fusion Hybrid AB was the silver bullet to fix the sleep issue, the 2019 & 2020 ABs are different in 754-03-xx and 754-06-xx with the 2020 being closer to the F150.

As many Ford vehicles that we have in our fleet I’m curious what Ford can provide, with what we pay for GeoTab and Zonar I’d be interested in seeing if it could give us a “light” version for our field reps vehicles, the CalAmp solution we tried didn’t make the cut.
I’ll have to look up the contact info for the folks at Ford that we worked with on a SAV project in 2019.

Thank you for the info on the second antenna port, I have a PIFA on the shelf, so much for the guys on some of the other sites claiming that the port was being used to broadcast the WiFi from the roof shark fin/hockey pucks.

On the EU APIM science project, the city you’re stuck in when you use an EU map varies by the Sync3 build. .21194 you’re in Bristol UK, .21265 is Cologne, .22251 is Valencia and .23188 is back to Bristol. As the compass works with NAV flipped off but the GPS test still shows no satellites while putting in no maps and setting it to no NAV shows satellites on the GPS test I’m going to guess the app has a geo fence where it matches the hardware ID to the map files (can’t be the license as the NA 2.19 & 2.20 didn’t work). If the sat data location doesn’t match it shuts down the sat data services in the OS, this would explain the 3-5 minute lag between the APIM being fully booted up and the no GPS screen error.
The folks dropping cut down EU maps into US import APIMs haven’t reported a problem so this is a one off item for EU NAV APIMs, if I remember correctly map updates in the EU or some EU countries are free so this would be a way of controlling that. My guess is the only fix would be a jailbreak mod to flip the GPS subsystem on all the time.

Safe travels, if you get to Dallas hit Hard 8 BBQ while you’re there.

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