TCU Waiting For Home URL

Hi there,

I’m in the process of completing the 3G to 4G upgrade on my 2016 MKX (Sync 2 equipped), and got stuck on “Waiting For Home URL” TCU authorization status.

This forum has two identical topics:

  • First got mysteriously resolved as the TCU transitioned to “Waiting for Authorization” status by itself after a week of waiting.
  • Second got resolved by replacing the TCU due to incorrect hardware pairing NA-CA.

The intent of this topic is to conclude a resolution so that future searches provide adequate data for troubleshooting.

Part Number: ES7T-14D212-DA
Calibration: ES7T-14D212-FA
Strategy: EM5T-14D205-AD

Part Number: JL3T-14G087-CH
Calibration: JL3T-14G087-CT
Strategy: JL3T-14G139-CT

APIM AsBuilt:
Block 1
7D0-01-01 AA2A1503A66B
7D0-01-02 840B020680F1
Block 2
7D0-02-01 55530104C047
7D0-02-02 024058000075
7D0-02-03 0000DC
Block 3
7D0-03-01 004B50020078
7D0-03-02 0100000000DD
7D0-03-03 0001DE

TCU AsBuilt:
Block 1
7D0-01-01 A13200000030
7D0-01-02 005E
Block 2
7D0-02-01 03A001
Block 3
7D0-03-01 7D7D7D7D7DD0
7D0-03-02 7D7D7D7D7DD1
7D0-03-03 7D7D7D7D7DD2
7D0-03-04 7D7D7D7D7DD3
7D0-03-05 7D7D7D7D7DD4
7D0-03-06 001E7D7D7DF9
7D0-03-07 7D7D7D7D7DD6
7D0-03-08 7D7D7D7D7DD7
7D0-03-09 7D7D7D7D7DD8
7D0-03-10 7D7D1E86
Block 4
7D0-04-01 7C7C7C7C7CCC
7D0-04-02 7C7C7C7C7CCD
7D0-04-03 7C7C7C7C7CCE
7D0-04-04 7C7C7C7C7CCF
7D0-04-05 7C7C7C7C7CD0
7D0-04-06 7C7C7C7C7DD2
7D0-04-07 7D7D7D7D7DD7
7D0-04-08 7D7C0363
Block 5
7D0-05-01 000000780FE9
7D0-05-02 0277DC

TCU has both antennas plugged in (4G: Ford #NL1Z-19A390-A, Wifi: Bingfu #BFN00223)

Can someone confirm that my asbuilts are acceptable? Am i missing anything aside from waiting for a week? It’s been 2 days with no changes.

Thank you!

Had another member with this issue a while back.
The problem was that the H series TCU he bought off of eBay was a Canadian unit and he was in the US.

You are right, I’ve referred to that post in the introduction as Topic #2 with North American(NA) vs Canadian (CA) module discrepancies. Does not apply to my situation.

Where did you source the “factory” AsBuilt from?
You can’t use the one from your MKX.
What’s the country code in the APIM?

AsBuilt listed above was copied from the following forum:

Identical data aside for Sync 2 adjustments in block 1:
7D0-01-01 A13200000030

My vehicle’s APIM country code based on block 2 info above is: 5553 , US.
7D0-02-01 55530104C047

I’m not sure I’ve seen anywhere that someone tried to do this using a J series while keeping the original MFT.
The kits for the the MFT equipped CMax and Fusion Energi use H series TCUs.

It would be helpful to summon F150Chief for clarifications.

His Sync Connect APIM & TCU Files/Programming/Activating instructions mention that Ford vehicles featuring Sync 2 / MFT. Sync 2 (AKA My Ford Touch) Sync Connect are compatible and tested.

People have used TCU’s with Sync 2 although I don’t recall what versions they used. F150Chief won’t be back till about August.

Replying to maintain this post alive. Still showing “waiting for home”. I’m researching F150 forums for similar instances.

TCU is 754 not 7D0.
754-03 through 754-06 are platform specific,
So as an example on my 2018 Fusion Hybrid when I went from an H to a J I had to use the AB from a 2019 Hybrid. Using one from a 2020 Hybrid I had issues with the unit going completely to sleep (with Sirius X40, HS4, etc the 2020 was a one off year). AB from a non-Hybrid used on an Energi loses the charging alerts.

I’m going to roll the dice here and say that the H series would be compatible with MFT since those are used in the 21B09 kits that replace the 3G units in the 2016 MKZ, 2013-2020 Energi, etc.

Only H, J, and K series will work with Sync 2 on a CGEA 1.3 vehicle. The K series must be downgraded to J.

WIFI antenna is internal to the TCU. The Tan jack on the TCU is the diversity cellular antenna, RX Only. Using the Bingfu will give you a persistent open circuit code. The antenna will work, however. But since you have Sync 2, it’s useless.

The APIM asbuilt looks correct. You have indicated the TCU is present.
The TCU asbuilt looks OK. But …
the WIFI Hotspot does not work with Sync 2,
and FFE (OTA) does not work with Sync 2.
So that whole line would be 0000.

Vehicles with Sync 2 / MFT can be used if the APIM firmware is at least EM5T-14D205-AD and the vehicle network supports CGEA 1.3.

Question: Have you added the Sync Connect app to your phone and gone thru the authorization procedures? Did you get the authorization message in the APIM?

Thanks for looking into it.

I do have the Lincoln Way app installed, vehicle is seen and the “Activate Vehicle” tab pops-up. Activation request fails with a message stating that it’s unable to complete the request to change authorization.

Called Lincoln support, they see the authorization requests but “the modem is not responding”, suggested disconnecting/reconnecting the power cable to the TCU and generally just taking it to the dealer for troubleshooting.

I reset the module through FORScan, sent several activation requests after which the TCU stopped responding / not seen via FORScan. Will have remove and reconnect it tomorrow so it boots up.

Ordered another TCU in case this is problematic.

Confirming that Bingfu triggers the open circuit code, planning to replace it with another “NL1Z-19A390-A” to eliminate errors or solder a 10k resistor as suggested in the MKX forum.

The DTC open is cosmetic, it doesn’t affect the operation.