The black screen on the MY20+ apims

In connection with the inevitable black screen when reformatting the MY20+ apims, my question: Is there still no ready-made solution for this problem? From my understanding it is a video driver sw that is not loaded. Isn’t there a way to load it afterwards? And where is the mistake? In the EMMC (memory board) or the ‘motherboard’?

I believe there are 2 different “MY20 issues”

  1. The display driver for newer screens is no in the reformat tool therefore the process hangs, this can usually be fixed with another screen and calibration changes on the APIM

  2. the eMMC on MY20 APIM’s is not compatible with the reformat tool and it bricks the unit requiring hardware flashing for recovery.

2.And how does it work, hardware flashing? What do you need to do it?

  1. Can you tell me which calibration changes?
    Thank you

The same thing you would usually do, write the eMMC

I don’t know the specifics.

Hi, okay, already done that on the eMMC reader/writer, but no change
And calibration…well I have to figure that out
Thanks anyway

Maybe getting hold of a working MY20 plus and doing a firmware dump and examining it may help.