The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near August 14th, 2023. Please check back then

Looks like Ford/Here maps will be releasing 2.22 soon on 8/14

Ford Sync 3 - Home (

To clarify, for those unaware, this is the same version of Maps that Syn3 Updater already has. but ofcourse them being officially available does open some upgrade paths to some people.

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Mainly applies to those with 2020+ APIM’s that either have the free 5 year deal with Ford or those that want to/have purchased them.

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So have Ford literally just been sitting on this data all this time?

So it’s the 2022 Map update on the installer but released in 2023?

They are always about 3-6 months behind, presumably for testing

Oh, and it’s a 2022 map from February at that!