Theft prevention

First off, I would like to say that I installed Sync 3.4.23188 and my system is now working SO much better. Now, on to my topic. I am trying to create an anti theft set up for my 2018 F250 superduty, using the upfitter switches. My thought is to use 2 switches that must be on, and 1 switch that must be off, and I am thinking of using them to supply or restrict power to the fuse for the PCM. The same fuse also powers the ECM and TCM. I have pulled the fuse, and it definitely keeps the truck from starting. My thought is to use the upfitter switches to open or close relays in a specific pattern to supply power to that fuse.
I personally can’t see a problem with this, but does anyone think there would be any issues with 2 or 3 relays before that fuse? Voltage drop to the PCM or ECM or TCM? The fuse is only a 10 amp fuse, so obviously it is not a high current line,and the modules obviously don’t require much current. Of course I know if I have a relay go out my truck will die or whatever, but I am making it so it is super easy to go back to stock by just pulling my tap and reinstalling the fuse. One minute job. Any thoughts?

Well thats one way to throw up about a thousand DTC’s, this subject is also not what this forum is about.

Well , first of all, the header for the “Lounge” says “A place to discuss anything you want, no adult or NSFW content”. So I am sorry if you think that my post was inappropriate. I don’t really see how it is more off subject than your post about a wrecked car, or posts about “Merry Christmas”. Secondly, maybe you can enlighten me about how I will throw “about a thousand DTC’s” by just creating an alternate power source to a fuse…

You can’t just power down a module, things are supposed to power down in sequence.

Everything in the fuse panel that is “hot in run or start” loses power as soon as you turn the key off. My install will keep it that way. However, using the upfitter switches the way I plan to will prevent the aforementioned fuse from GETTING power with the key on, thereby preventing the truck from starting. As I said, I pulled the fuse, and the truck did not start, and I got NO DTC’s.

Fair enough, good luck.

Thanks. I will post again and give my results.