TPMS display tyre pressure


I have a 3.2 liter Ford Endeavour Titanium (2018 model). My car has a TPMS but it currently only displays an alert on the dash when the pressure in a tyre is critically low. There is no menu option available to display current tyre pressures on the car.

Is this something that requires an asbuilt change or can this be tuned using say Forscan?


Are you sure your tyres have sensors?
Check your user manual, it could be the case that the car uses the ABS sensors to sense if a tyre is rotating at a different rate than the others. If so, there are no pressure sensors in the tyres and you only get a warning without showing an actual value.

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most likely this.

Nah, there’s an inside the tyre sort of TPMS sensor, the one that uses the valve stem to read tyre pressure. I have seen threads elsewhere (on the Indian car forum that say Forscan can show the TPMS values.

(edit) the manual also mentions TPMS

From that page you showed, it’s not certain there are actual sensors in the tires.
It’s only telling you that the car has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), it’s not saying the tires have TPMS sensors.

My car has also a Tire Monitoring Pressure System, but it does not have any sensor inside the tires: it uses the ABS sensor as said before. And it does not identify which tire has low pressure, it only tells you there’s a low pressure situation and you need to check all tires.

If you said you read in some other place that this can be done to your car, I’d suggest to ask in those places for this particular concern with your car. I mean, if they say it’s possible, then they should know how to do it, right?. The fact that Forscan can read a value for tire pressure does not mean your car has a pressure sensor on each tire that Forscan could read, there’s a difference.

Another easy way of testing would be to deflate one tire while stationary: if no alert is shown while not moving, then your car uses ABS sensors. Or get a scanner and forscan and see if your car report those values.

Nonetheless, wait to see if someone else has something to add here.

Continuing the discussion from TPMS display tyre pressure:

I have a ford Ranger 2017 with the 3.2 engine and have the same display. (only displays a warning for low pressure and the wheel affected). It has sensors in the tyres but the ford system does not have the functionality to display individual pressures. The PIDs can be monitored in Forscan and show individual pressures or an afler market display such as an ultragauge or scangauge displaying custom PIDs will show individual pressures


Exactly this. People are using torque pro, dash command type obd software on car play or android auto to display tire pressure read outs.

my focus had this, you can’t get it to show on the APIM or IPC i have tried, my fiesta shows on the IPC.

Both show on OBD.

My 2015 Explorer is the same way that Easyflow’s is. I see the individual values in Forscan but the Firmware in the IPC does not have the ability to display the individual values.

So in other words, not possible? Oh well :frowning:

with forscan is possible update IPC firmware to the lastest software.
I have a ranger with the same IPC, with TPMS sensors without the option on the screen. I do not have enough knowledge to update the IPC cluster

I can update the IPC yes. What I don’t know yet is whether this feature is enabled in the updated IPC version.

probably not, i updated everything via UCDS when i had my focus and it didn’t add anything like this

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Figured that. :frowning:

Is there any significant value add to updating the IPC, else? If not I’m just going to leave things as they are.

There could be some updates in the IPC Firmware that would fix some items but my guess is yours is working fine so it would probably not fix anything. Just because you can update the firmware does not mean it is going to add the TPMS readout in the IPC either.

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the same IPC in newer vehicles integrates the TPMS display, I think they should not be different hardware, but updates on the same IPC. not?


Ranger2016 wrote:

Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:36 pm

TPMS can handle the hardware from the Ranger, but the software does not provide it. All in all, the Acutelle IPC has less memory for the software. The newer generation has more memory available and all models> 2019 can then display TPMS. Or we find someone who decrypts and adapts the software
Decrypting the software is not the problem and I have pulled it down to its bare bone but repacking vbf 2.4 is the issue.

vbf 2.3 is so much easier but there is a lot of info in say a Focus cluster, there are over 2000 files in the firmware, repacking is time consuming but can be achieved.

Current Ranger firmware cannot be flashed more so because the boot loader will not allow the it. More the location of the data is the issue.

I feel like for legal reasons discussion of modifying VBF files should not continue in the public

This is reverse engineering Ford proprietary code and would therefore be illegal in most countries.

Please refrain from discussing this here or this thread will be locked.


Yeah please close this thread out and maybe delete the previous post.

In several of the newer IPC’s while they look the same the Pins on the plugs are different so the hardware would be different. Example would be the 15-16 Explorer. 15 is CGEA 1.2 and uses the ICAN for the IPC. The 16 is CGEA 1.3 and uses HS3 for the IPC and different pins than the 15 IPC. They both look almost identical other than some chrome strips added to the 16 IPC.

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