UK ACM differences

Hi Guys,

in the UK my car has a b&o ACM part number H1BT-18C815-ZK.

Newer cars seem to have H1BT-18K810-ZAM which appears identical.

the radio storage configuration options are different between the two that can be corrected in the APIM no problem.

the issue i couldn’t over come was that the ZAM would not accept 10 speaker as an option in forscan and the front left tweeter would not work. this is odd as it must have come from an identical car with the DSP amp so you might have thought would have been plug and forget

any help appreciated. my old ACM constantly throws a unconfigured code and seems to have done from new. all factory code.


More than likely a calibration issue.
The one currently loaded does not support the 10 speaker config.