UK TCU Retrofit

Hi Guys,

I have retrofitted a TCU to a vehicle that never had one originally. I added HS/4 and have the TCU available in forscan.

My APIM status


i have enabled TCU and TCU reset in the APIM

TCU status

Capture tcu

following F150chief tutorial but amending to the UK, changed 754-01-01 xx38 to xx39 and then back to xx38 given me

TCU_Authstate= Factory, provisioned, home url, found home url, wait for authorize

Ford pass says accept on sync but nothing ever arrives.

the APIM is not original and came from a car with a TCU

anyone help ??

thanks in advance

What does the config APIM config have as a value in 7D0-02-02 xxxx-Xxxx-xxxx ?


thanks warlock12118, you made me think there. i was assuming the issue was the TCU but you were quite right it was in fact the APIM. i flashed the original asbuilt from the doner APIM and i received the message to authorise.

not sure why though, as the bit is the same. i never had the two way data symbol before in the top right of the screen but i do now.


Fordpass now says something isnt right :slight_smile: says unable to locate and the odometer, oil life and tyre pressure are all blank.

but getting better!

Update, all working!! i think it was 7D0-02-03 xx that activated TCU in the APIM

thanks again warlock12118

Flash forced an APIM reset at which point it found the TCU on boot up.


what’s the thoughts on pressing fire here? the missing 14G643 looks risky to me?